DEUTSCH Circular Connectors

DEUTSCH Circular Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE) with its DEUTSCH circular connectors continues to push the boundaries of technology and innovation, consistently driving the market forwards with new products that match the ever increasing demands of lower weight, smaller size and better performance.

TE’s DEUTSCH circular connectors drive innovation and safety in harsh interconnection spaces. TE’s DEUTSCH circular connectors are designed and manufactured to withstand conditions found in aerospace, military, nuclear, marine, oil and gas, and autosport. Global technology support and distribution are positioned to supply quality products for the right application almost anywhere in the world.

as hermetic fuel tank series
AS Hermetic Fuel Tank Series
as xtralite series
AS XtraLITE Series
as heavy duty series
AS Heavy Duty Series
as double density series
AS Double Density Series

Connectors for Autosport applications

  • AS Standard Series (AS)first range of specifically designed connectors for the professional racing industry that offer weight- and space-savings over standard military designs
  • AS Double Density Series (ASDD)allows almost double the number of contacts to be packaged in the same shell as compared to the standard Autosport Series connectors
  • AS Hermetics Seriesdesigned for very high-risk applications like fuel and pressure systems
  • AS MicroLITE Series (ASL)offer easy installation and ultra-compact designs to deliver maximum performance in minimum space
  • AS XtraLITE Series (ASX)the smallest diameter and lightest AS connector available for three, five, and six wires. This connector offers a solution where space is at its most restrictive
  • AS UltraLITE Series (ASU)smaller alternative to ASL range and offer racing teams a small, light package for three and five wires
  • AS Heavy Duty Series (ASHD)for high-power racecar needs like battery, alternator, Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), and starter-motor applications
DBAS Series
983 series
983 Series
emi/emp filter series
EMI /EMP Filter Series
afd series
MIL-DTL-26482 Standard Series II-qualified

Connectors for Aerospace and Defense applications

  • DBAS Seriesfor severe environmental zones such as rocket launch pads
  • 983 Seriesfor harsh environments, such as aircraft engines and boosters
  • Wildcat Series integrate aerospace equipment and cabling into increasingly confined spaces, with smaller, higher-density connectors capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as vibration, high/low temperature and exposure to aggressive fluids.
  • D-EASY Series removable seal fittings facilitating bundle and wire repairs in Aerospace applications. They allow rework of the seal without wire removal.
  • 1760 Type 1 Series for easy connection and rapid disconnection thanks to its lanyard release
  • Mil-DTL-38999 Series I military specific approved, featuring high-density layouts with up to 128 data connections and power contacts rated to 23A
  • MIL-DTL-26482 Standard Series II widely used on commercial and military aerospace applications requiring general-purpose, miniature cylindrical bayonet coupling connectors
  • MIL-DTL-38999 Series III for use in harsh military and aerospace environments. High density layouts with up to 187 data connections and power contacts rated up to 23A.
  • MIL-DTL-38999 Series IV for military applications. Use a breech coupling mechanism that only requires 90° of rotation to engage and disengage.
  • Hermetic MIL-DTL-83723 Series standard hermetic connectors in threaded and bayonet coupling providing a high degree of performance where other resilient connectors fail
  • Hermetic MIL-DTL-38999 Series Custom-built MIL-DTL-38999 standard hermetic connectors in series I, II, III and IV. Hermetic termination styles include solder cups, eyelets, PC tails, weld tabs and crimp termination.
  • Hermetic MIL-DTL-26482 Series offering in series I and II. Provide a high degree of performance in harsh environments
  • EMI/EMP Filtered Series equipment protection against EMI and EMP interference threats
9316 series
9316 Series
p6-md300 series
P6-MD300 Series
P18-SW400 Series
ofs series
OFS Optical Series

Connectors for Marine Oil and Gas applications

  • DLS Series compact, in-line, wet-mate connectors designed for high-pressure and high-temperature downhole environments for tool logging and monitoring applications
  • DS3001 Series for subsea electrical applications. Optimized for subsea distribution systems and connections to subsea trees
  • DO3000 Series optimized optical solutions for subsea applications like Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), subsea distribution systems and vertical and horizontal christmas trees
  • EFS Series for Tubing Hanger FeedThrough (THFT) applications that require high-temperature and high-pressure capable connectors
  • OFS Series for Tubing Hanger FeedThrough (THFT) systems
  • 9316 Series flameproof and hermetically-sealed for reliability in the harsh marine applications like underwater control systems, submarines, offshore rigs and subsea motors and compressors
  • MOD Series flameproof connectors suited for topside applications in hazardous environments such as Floating Production Storage and Off-loading (FPSO) turrets
  • MSD Series from splash-zone connectors to cable terminations. Supporting rated seawater temperatures from 10°C to +45°C, and pressures of 2030psi, this 20A rated range is made for harsh splash-zone environments
  • O-1DH Series designed for extreme pressures (15,000 psi) and high temperatures (up to 177°C)
  • P18-SW400 Series for subsea applications such as subsea pumping, gas compression, power distribution and electrical heating
  • P18-SW900 Series for subsea applications such as subsea pumping, gas compression, power distribution, and electrical heating
  • P6-MD300 Series help support quick disconnection of the umbilical topside termination in case of imminent danger
  • P6-SW400 Series for applications in harsh subsea offshore environments with connectors rated for depths up to 3,000m and pressure of up to 15,000psi
  • P6-SW1600 Series for a wide range of water depth and process pressures. Solves most subsea power connectivity challenges for the high voltage high power applications such as gas compression and electrical heating